I'll be watching you

What's up with all that junk??

Hey, guess why Im wearing the skullmask? Yeah, Im having a cold, or should we call it pig flu (swine shit)? No, it's not, dont worry. You can kiss me, it's okay!

Now Im sitting here in my bedroom drinking some tea all alone, with no friends, no thoughts, nothing but particle of virus running around my nose saying hi. Lovely right? Quite jealous huh?

So whats up today, but studying? Ima do a lense examination. Are you coming to hold my hand? :$

Keke, so what's up with all that junk, all that junk inside your world? Tell me - your pig daddy. I listen to anything!

Postat av: Nour

Det är bra att nån vågar sig på förendringar :)

2010-02-06 @ 14:47:31
URL: http://nournaeem.blogg.se/
Postat av: cuong le

detta var cuult!

2010-02-07 @ 12:34:59

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