I just had sex, and it felt so good

No, I just did shopping and it felt so good! Haven't done shopping for ages, you know that? It's like being kept away from pooing two days when you really are in need! For real, it felt like a liberation. Like I just learn how to fly. Like cuming during the moment of truth. Like farting when your stomach hurts the most. Ye, you know the feeling. 

Long time ago I had this beautiful feeling to waste money. Relief is the word I'm looking for, I think. To not do shopping is like lying to myself. And to do shopping is like telling the truth. So ye, it must be it! I hate lies, and hate telling lies. But sometimes a white lie is worth it. 

So.. to tell myself I'm not allowed to do shopping, and do it the next day anyway is like orgasm to the max. Ok, I'm drunk of tiredness now. X


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