Must have been the worse ever

So here we go again. How are you guys? Started my morning pretty early today, had a beautiful breakfast and wonderful sun staring at my face. I thought a massage could be the perfect dessert. I imagined the hotspots being massaged and Nirvana was the next destination. Unfortunately it was all the wrong time and the wrong place for those expectation. When the first minute had passed, the only thing I could think about was the next 59 minutes of hell I was gonna go through! Yepp, for the whole massage I was waiting to finish it. I couldn't even relax no matter how much I tried. Couldn't even close my eyes and just enjoy for a few seconds. Terrible! The problem was not that it hurted, no, it was just that SHE was so frkn weak. It wasn't even a massage, it was touching for an hour. No happy endings!!

X chomchom

Postat av: Chomchom

You know you can just ask them to do it stronger =p


Meeting you has been something else.

I love your passion for fashion. =) It's given me a new way to express myself, and a new drive in life.

I really wish we could still be friends and you can continue to be my muse.

I didn't want to say a proper goodbye because I knew it would make me feel like this.. =(

But now since I already feel this way.. And I still got Tarre-fever.

Here is the proper goodbye you deserve. Thank you for bringing out a side of me I thought died. I love who I can be around you. And I love that you can make me laugh. Take care of yourself.

I hope you find an awesome, sexy, stylish, sweet banana asian girl to reflect you and give you 10 very sexy babies ^_^

A piece of my heart will always be yours. <3

Keep travelling my beautiful pineapple. x ily

2012-07-21 @ 11:56:45
Postat av: rambutan

Troi oi xem hinh nay em muon hon anh qua di a.. Thay ma ghet... x

2012-07-21 @ 12:05:39

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