My confession part II

Ages ago since I felt this happiness. It's not just that, I feel lucky. I do. Everyone would feel the same to meet that kind of person like you. You know, I had a major wall built to keep me away from all this fear. I had a hard time falling for someone, but you came and smashed it like it was made of pillows. You came through and hit the jackpot without even trying.

I was afraid getting into this depression, sadness and all this unhappy things loves can make you go through. But somehow, you have only brought the good side out of me, the joy, the butterflies, the motivation, how to see the sweets in people and to love with no fear.

Me too, is hoping for a never ending friendship, but it's complicated. Though I will always be available for a talk, or two, as friends and you know where to find me. You know what? I can't even feel sad you know, because as soon as I think of you I smile. There's only beautiful stories in there and will last like a tattoo in my brain. Thank you for being a part of my story.

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