I need healing

And that's why I'm going to do in Vietnam. Yepp, I'm going, believe it or not! My priority is going to be resting and enjoying my rockstar life (big time), at least it will feel like that. :D! I'm going to get my massages I've been craving for and eat all and everything that comes in my way. Purr :*

What else? I'm going to extend my ticket and get married in August and bring my kids home to Sweden next year. Mohaha, I wish! It might be the wrong time in my life to get into such proccess, but it's a fun thought. Or? Hehe. Ye, rewind the tape a little.

However, monday (9/7) will be the last of Melbourne, but just for a while, a few weeks. I'll be back soon enough for you to not miss me. Sucks though that you'll probably have to miss me forever or forget me...

Zzz, I just forgot my point of this post, so I'm going to bed to warm it up and have some awesome sleep with awesome dreams. So long dudes.



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