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Heeey! I'm gonna try to get back on track with this blog. Long time no see huh? Yerr, since I left Sweden I haven't got in touch with the awesome internet connection I'm used to. Since it has been a few months now, I kinda getting use to not hug the computer and internet the same way. Somehow I'm gonna try blog for every interested dude anyway. So watch out for my updates.

I've been through a few, and thousands of thousands other things are waiting to be done. I can't wait til' then! Anyway, I've been a farmer 6 days a week, 9+ hours a day, and a rockstar on my sparetime. I think I'm pretty lucky I found this farm. I've met such friendly people and have had lots of laughs and love!

I'll tell you more another time. Just wanted to tell you that I'm alive and alright! Miss you

Postat av: Potato

Welcome back... :)

From your newest fan.

2012-07-03 @ 07:25:16
Postat av: whatiwear


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