My confession part II

Ages ago since I felt this happiness. It's not just that, I feel lucky. I do. Everyone would feel the same to meet that kind of person like you. You know, I had a major wall built to keep me away from all this fear. I had a hard time falling for someone, but you came and smashed it like it was made of pillows. You came through and hit the jackpot without even trying.

I was afraid getting into this depression, sadness and all this unhappy things loves can make you go through. But somehow, you have only brought the good side out of me, the joy, the butterflies, the motivation, how to see the sweets in people and to love with no fear.

Me too, is hoping for a never ending friendship, but it's complicated. Though I will always be available for a talk, or two, as friends and you know where to find me. You know what? I can't even feel sad you know, because as soon as I think of you I smile. There's only beautiful stories in there and will last like a tattoo in my brain. Thank you for being a part of my story.

X ily 2 chomchom

And in time this too shall pass

Sometimes life sucks, sometimes life's wonderful. It's like the roller coaster, it goes up and down, and mostly ends with the same story. But life has to go on, no matter if it hurts, if it's great or perfect. You can't expect anything to last forever. That's just how it is, people always leave. No matter what happens, have no regrets, if it's bad take it as a lesson. You'll learn lots during life, and lately I'm very thankful for what I've experienced and what I've learnt. Yet I have no regrets, and I have you to be grateful to. This will be a memory that I always can bring up, and I'm glad I can. Take care for a lifetime, you might not hear it again.

Love (T)arre

Must have been the worse ever

So here we go again. How are you guys? Started my morning pretty early today, had a beautiful breakfast and wonderful sun staring at my face. I thought a massage could be the perfect dessert. I imagined the hotspots being massaged and Nirvana was the next destination. Unfortunately it was all the wrong time and the wrong place for those expectation. When the first minute had passed, the only thing I could think about was the next 59 minutes of hell I was gonna go through! Yepp, for the whole massage I was waiting to finish it. I couldn't even relax no matter how much I tried. Couldn't even close my eyes and just enjoy for a few seconds. Terrible! The problem was not that it hurted, no, it was just that SHE was so frkn weak. It wasn't even a massage, it was touching for an hour. No happy endings!!

X chomchom

Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia

Yoo, wazap?

We're in Kuala Lumpur atm waiting for the next flight to Vietnam. Sitting here at Starbucks Coffee with an awesome caffée latte and Wi-Fi connection! Going to sit here for a while I guess, since our flight is not going within 6 hours. Still a bit tired, but we're doing fine.

Well, out of words, see you when I see you! chomchom

People always leave

So, now I'm all set! Leaving tmr, can't wait til I step on the plane. Wonder if I will get some sleep tonight. There's so much I want to do atm, but I can't, or I'm not allowed, or it's more like I shouldn't. Just wait and see.

However, I'm catching the bus at Dandy around 6:40 pm towards the airport of Melbourne. Probably I will wake up early tmr all excited and spend my millions of minutes waiting to get my ride there. I hate waiting!

Now, movie "chomchom"! See you when I see you. Love.

I need healing

And that's why I'm going to do in Vietnam. Yepp, I'm going, believe it or not! My priority is going to be resting and enjoying my rockstar life (big time), at least it will feel like that. :D! I'm going to get my massages I've been craving for and eat all and everything that comes in my way. Purr :*

What else? I'm going to extend my ticket and get married in August and bring my kids home to Sweden next year. Mohaha, I wish! It might be the wrong time in my life to get into such proccess, but it's a fun thought. Or? Hehe. Ye, rewind the tape a little.

However, monday (9/7) will be the last of Melbourne, but just for a while, a few weeks. I'll be back soon enough for you to not miss me. Sucks though that you'll probably have to miss me forever or forget me...

Zzz, I just forgot my point of this post, so I'm going to bed to warm it up and have some awesome sleep with awesome dreams. So long dudes.


The next day will be my day off

Gimme some love! How are you my reindeers? Santa Tarre is back in business.

I had a hell of a morning today!! Was snoozing like a half an hour, til around 7.30 am, cuz my room is colder than a fridge. About a quarter to be picked up. But I made it, I kinda ate breakfast while brushing my teeth, which saved me a few minutes. Hehe! The worse was when the car got flat tire and we had to wait like an hour on the highway to work. Gaah, such a waste of time and mornings in Melbourne during winter is freezingly!! But somehow I managed to survive. I'm such a rockstar :D.

Can't wait to see what else I'm going to experience so far from home the next 7 coming months. Oh ye, did I tell you I had my first earthquake experience here aswell? No, I didn't. And I'm not gonna tell either ;D.

However, I'm having a day off tmrz (wed)! How frkn great isn't that? It's like heaven to touch, or having a major dumping when you're very in need! Like when you get these goosebumps and you almost can't hold it anymore. The feeling of when you just let it all out.

Well, let me know if you wanna meet, otherwise I'll see you when I see you. :*

This is for you

Heeey! I'm gonna try to get back on track with this blog. Long time no see huh? Yerr, since I left Sweden I haven't got in touch with the awesome internet connection I'm used to. Since it has been a few months now, I kinda getting use to not hug the computer and internet the same way. Somehow I'm gonna try blog for every interested dude anyway. So watch out for my updates.

I've been through a few, and thousands of thousands other things are waiting to be done. I can't wait til' then! Anyway, I've been a farmer 6 days a week, 9+ hours a day, and a rockstar on my sparetime. I think I'm pretty lucky I found this farm. I've met such friendly people and have had lots of laughs and love!

I'll tell you more another time. Just wanted to tell you that I'm alive and alright! Miss you

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