My inspiration went away with you

Nothing much to say :)

If I would be able to walk in your mind til you retire..


To poo is to live. To live you have to poo.
To feel poop is to feel alive. To feel alive you have to feel poop.
To smell.. is killing. To kill you have to smell.

Wait a moment, I need to pee.

Good morning!

Stupid stories with stupid endings, tingtong

Have you heard of this Zhou Kehua lately? The most wanted coldblooded criminal dude from Chongqing, or WAS till he got killed. All his victims ended up with a bullet in the skull. So what happened was they had to involve like tens of thousands of policemen to search for this cave-living man. And they killed him straight away. And everyone lived happily ever after. Zzz..

Such a waste, letting him die without even having a little feeling of pain. Why shoot him in the head? Hit both the legs instead and catch him, let him taste a bit of torture or anything for Buddha's sake. Makes me pretty frustrated thinking about such stupid things, like why let him escape so easily? It's like playing hide and seek and the hiders are standing right behind the seeker, how fun would that be? The game ends before it has even started. And the policeman that killed him got a prize. Awesome, congratz. Let's get a new game.. Idiots.

I just had sex, and it felt so good

No, I just did shopping and it felt so good! Haven't done shopping for ages, you know that? It's like being kept away from pooing two days when you really are in need! For real, it felt like a liberation. Like I just learn how to fly. Like cuming during the moment of truth. Like farting when your stomach hurts the most. Ye, you know the feeling. 

Long time ago I had this beautiful feeling to waste money. Relief is the word I'm looking for, I think. To not do shopping is like lying to myself. And to do shopping is like telling the truth. So ye, it must be it! I hate lies, and hate telling lies. But sometimes a white lie is worth it. 

So.. to tell myself I'm not allowed to do shopping, and do it the next day anyway is like orgasm to the max. Ok, I'm drunk of tiredness now. X

Fresh Leaf

Remember this body, because you might not see it again. Hi gym, long time ago.. X

Life's a climb... but the view is great

So how are we? Everyone is good? No problems, no feelings hurt, no cry me a river? No? Great. Me neither, almost. The bottom part of my heart is broken. It's like you would cut of the bottom part of a glass and still hope what's in it would stay there, but it can't. I'm not sad, or am I? I'm not sure, if I would stand on a scale of feelings the scale would go around, around and around till the battery stops working. It's just that I've been trying so hard for what I knew would be nothing, or.. no it isn't nothing. There's so much there, so much of the happiness, so much of what I haven't got before. But somehow it's gone, or just up there somewhere but I can't touch it. I can't have it. I can think about, but I can't see it or touch it. It's like in the movies, you just know about but you don't know much more about it when the movie ends.

But it's cool. I've been warned, I shouldn't have any problems with this. It's been a climb and the view has been awesome. I can't wish more of what I've got on such a short time, but it is what it is. That's the story of my dreams, something in between the beautiful and the nightmares.

I hate you chch X :D

Back in Melbourne


How are you today? How were you yesterday? How have you been last three weeks? I've missed you, did you miss me? Sorry for not been keeping in touch with you or touching your bum, or cuddle you through every night past weeks. But I've been busy; I've been loving, loving my country, loving the heat, loving the food, loving the life and loving a girl etc. But now I'm back to embrace you Blog. 

So.. let me know, what do you wanna talk about? Anything? Well, you can say I've been expanding my experiencestorage a bit during this three-weeks-trip. I'll probably wait a while with telling you what, or maybe you wont get to know at all. I'll think about it. It's been fun though, I been through blood, sweat and tears, plus it was a hell of a happy ending of the trip.

I gotta go Dear, I'll see you soon? X chch

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