Stupid stories with stupid endings, tingtong

Have you heard of this Zhou Kehua lately? The most wanted coldblooded criminal dude from Chongqing, or WAS till he got killed. All his victims ended up with a bullet in the skull. So what happened was they had to involve like tens of thousands of policemen to search for this cave-living man. And they killed him straight away. And everyone lived happily ever after. Zzz..

Such a waste, letting him die without even having a little feeling of pain. Why shoot him in the head? Hit both the legs instead and catch him, let him taste a bit of torture or anything for Buddha's sake. Makes me pretty frustrated thinking about such stupid things, like why let him escape so easily? It's like playing hide and seek and the hiders are standing right behind the seeker, how fun would that be? The game ends before it has even started. And the policeman that killed him got a prize. Awesome, congratz. Let's get a new game.. Idiots.


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